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Brow Treatments

We are brow obssessed over at Polished!

Who doesn't love a freshly shaped brow!

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They frame your face and lift the eye area...

Choose from our Brow Treatments below... need help just give us a call or message.


Definition Brows £15

Treament Time : approx 10-20 minutes

Maintenance : From 3-8 weeks depending on hair growth.

Brows are tinted, waxed, trimmed and tweezed to create the perfect brow shape.

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We recommend leaving your brows to grow for at least 21 days before this treatment longer if you can. Your therapist will then recommend how often maintenance appointments are required for your brow. Normally every between 3-8 weeks.

Brow Lamination : £30

Treatment Time : 1 hour

Lasts 8-12 weeks

Maintenance : Definition Brow Treatment in between Lamination every 3-6 weeks. 

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Brows are lifted and set to create the perfect sweeping uniform brow. They are then tinted, waxed and shaped and finished with a nourishing oil. 
We recommend leaving your brows to grow for at least 21 days before this treatment.  

We require new brow clients to have a patch test.

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See our FAQ's for more info on patch testing.


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